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Press Releases

Press Releases
velatia / 07/25/2018 - 11:30
Firma BEI-Velatia

• Agreement will enable incorporation of digital technologies and enter new markets 

• Investments carried out up to 2020 will create quality jobs 

• Projects will be carried out by Ormazabal

velatia / 06/04/2018 - 10:00

The Tribute to Exemplary Entrepreneurs is an initiative promoted by E2IN2, with the aim of shedding light on the role of the entrepreneur as a generator of wealth 

velatia / 04/13/2018 - 13:00

Javier Ormazabal takes over from the president of Sener, Jorge Sendagorta, who has been in charge of the centre since 2016

IKUSI / 01/15/2018 - 00:00

A numerous group of professionals from Ikusi as well as other Velatia Group companies have started the year in training at a master course in data analytics, to be held over the next few months in both classroom and webinar session formats.

Training of the company’s own professionals, along with the recent recruitment of new profiles,