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Our roots go back to 1967, the year in which Javier Ormazabal Ocerin, the father of the current chairman, founded ORMAZABAL, a company which manufactures and installs equipment for electricity networks to transmit electrical energy through from generation to end users.

Years later, the business vision of our founder and his commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has resulted in the creation of our Centres of Excellence. These companies make the knowledge held by the Group in certain manufacturing processes available to other companies. The need to adapt processes to new markets has forced the Centres of Excellence to maintain their technological and production competitiveness. Thus POLSATECNICHAPAUNIBLOK were founded.

At the same time, ORMAZABAL has grown to become a leader in the Spanish market. However, far from resting on our laurels, and in the spirit of improvement that has always characterized us, in the early 1990s we decided to launch the company into the international market. The road has not been easy but step by step we have set up factories in France, Germany, Poland, Brazil and China, each specialists and targeting their own markets.

In early 2000, based on our expertise in the development and manufacture of enclosures, we founded KNOCK, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of telecommunication infrastructures.

During these years, the specialization of the TECNICHAPA manufacturing processes, and our commitment to customers, have attracted the interest of manufacturers of aircraft turbines, turning us into a certified supplier of parts for the aviation industry. Such is the success of this new line that WEC was founded in 2007, a new business unit in a market with a high demand for quality.

In our more recent past, in early 2011 ORMAZABAL, the electricity business enterprise, and IKUSI, specialising in electronics and information and communication technology, came together to address the future of smart grids. Two family businesses jointly totalling more than 100 years’ experience and a common goal; to continue to respond to the trust of our customers.